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If you wish to play in the Almost Any Ability Premier League, you must sign up in this thread. The Almost Any Ability Premier League is a 9-week event at minimum and has the potential to stretch on a bit further depending on tiebreak situations. Only sign up if you can be active for the majority of this time, as a high level of activity is expected. This includes several things, such as communicating with your team and getting your games done, as well as maintaining a competitive attitude even after your team has already been eliminated. It is in your own best interest to show off your best side. For general guidelines on what to do and what not to do, refer to Luigi's guidelines here.
A reminder of rulings that hold true for this year, and some new ones:
  1. Managers will be allowed to purchase themselves and/or their assistant manager as players for their team for a fixed price of 10000 credits.​
  2. There are no retains.​
  3. The total number of teams will depend on the number of player signups.​
  4. Each team must draft a minimum of 8 players (6 players + 2 subs) using 80000 credits. The minimum cost of each player is 3000 credits.​
  5. Trades may not occur.​
  6. Tourbanned users may not participate.​
  7. There will be a severe penalty for any team that picks up a known alt of a banned player, or any player masquerading as another person to lower their cost in the auction. This has not been a big issue in the past, but it is important to establish that both parties will be penalized immediately and harshly if they are found doing so.​
  8. In the event that a player displays excessively unsportsmanlike behavior or breaks any of the PS Global Rules or Smogon-wide posting rules (including in team discords), the hosts will investigate on a case-by-case basis. In the event that a player must be ejected from a team for their behavior, managers will be allowed to pick one player from the undrafted pool at no cost.​
  9. The tiers for this year are SV Almost Any Ability (3 slots, one is 2AC), SS Almost Any Ability, SM Almost Any Ability, ORAS Almost Any Ability.​
If you wish to sign up, please use the following format:
Use these abbreviations (yes, you have to capitalize them the same way):
SV Almost Any Ability = SV
SV Almost Any Ability with 2 Ability Clause = 2AC
SS Almost Any Ability = SS
SM Almost Any Ability = SM
ORAS Almost Any Ability = ORAS
All metas = All
Don't want to start = Support (list the metas you wish to support)
  • If you want to sign up for multiple metas, type out the abbreviated version of each meta (e.g. SV / 2AC / SM, NOT SV Almost Any Ability / SV Almost Any Ability with 2 Ability Clause / SM Almost Any Ability)Include the slashes if you intend to sign up for multiple tiers.
Example post:
PS name: Your Mom
Preferred metas: SV / SM / ORAS
Timezone: GMT -6
Foreseeable Inactivity: N/A
If you are interested in playing, be aware that any team may buy you, and you are expected to play for any one of them. Only list tiers in your signup that you are willing to play. While these aren't binding, it will affect how the managers will see you, and you are expected to play them if necessary. If you would not consider seriously playing a tier in a tournament, do not list it. Do not make dumb joke posts about playing tiers you don't care for.

You are generally expected to participate in your team's Discord. While we understand that activity levels may vary, this is the core portion of AAAPL and what makes it fun. Your team's Discord server is where your team will hang out, discuss strategies, and just have fun without worrying about the game. This is where teams come together (or fall apart), and it is likely the most integral part of the entire tournament.

Teams (w/ Discord links for the public ones):
:honchkrow: The Head Honchkrows managed by LordBox and Career Ended
:Salamence: The Smashing Salamences managed by Natcrozma and Lady Salamence
:Corviknight: The Well-Baked Corviknights managed by Hiusi guy and sundays
:Ceruledge: The Cherry Pit Ceruledges managed by OM and Potatochan
:Charizard: The Charming Charizzards managed by Atha and The Number Man
:Psyduck: Psycho Psyducks managed by SpaceSpeakers and zastra

Signups will be open until August 11th at 10:00 PM GMT-4. Have a great season, everyone!
>> Player signups so far <<
(Sheet updates every ~2 hours; if your signup isn't showing the correct tiers, let one of the hosts know)
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PS name: PandaDoux
Preferred metas: SS
Timezone: GMT +2
Foreseeable Inactivity: N/A
won't be active in any other tier, probably won't build but i have like 30 teams from Stall to Hyper Offense, i won't overthink like i did last year, just here to have fun in a broken tier, I do NOT want to play in anything other than SS
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